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Noosfero release tasks

This file documents release-related activities.

Releasing noosfero

Considering you are on a Debian GNU/Linux or Debian-based system, the following packages are required during the release process:

# apt install git devscripts debhelper

To prepare a release of noosfero, you must follow the steps below:

  • Disable the automatic pushing of translation updates in weblate.
  • Make sure all tests pass
  • Generate packages with rake noosfero:release[(stable|test)]. This task will:
    • Update the version in lib/noosfero.rb and debian/changelog.
    • Create the tarbal and the deb pkg under pkg/ directory.
    • Create a git tag and push it.
    • Upload the packages to the configured repository (if configured) on ~/
  • Test that the tarball and deb package are ok
  • Update an eventual demonstration version that you run.
  • Write an announcement e-mail to the relevant mailing lists pointing to the release notes, and maybe to the demonstration version.
  • Re-enable the automatic pushing of trasnlatio updates in weblate.

If you had any problem during these steps, you can do rake clobber_package to completely delete the generated packages and start the process again.