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Noosfero email setup

If you know mail systems well, you just need to make sure that the local MTA, listening on localhost:25, is able to deliver e-mails to the internet. Any mail server will do it. You can stop reading now.

If you are not an email specialist, then follow the instructions below. We suggest that you use the Postfix mail server, since it is easy to configure and very reliable. Just follow the instructions below.

To install Postfix:

# apt-get install postfix

During the installation process, you will be asked a few questions. Your answer to them will vary in 2 cases:

Case 1: you can send e-mails directly to the internet. This will be the case for most commercial private servers. Your answers should be:

  • General type of mail configuration: Internet site
  • System mail name: the name of your domain, e.g. ""

Case 2: you cannot, or don't want to, send e-mail directly to the internet. This happens for example if your server is not allowed to make outbound connections on port 25, or if you want to concentrate all your outbound mail through a single SMTP server. Your answers in this case should be:

  • General type of mail configuration: Internet with smarthost
  • System mail name: the name of your domain, e.g. ""
  • SMTP relay host:

Note that must allow your server to deliver e-mails through it. You should probably ask your servive provider about this.

There is another possibility: if you are installing on a shared server, and don't have permission to configure the local MTA, you can instruct Noosfero to send e-mails directly through an external server. Please note that this should be your last option, since contacting an external SMTP server directly may slow down your Noosfero application server. To configure Noosfero to send e-mails through an external SMTP server, follow the instructions on