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This directory contains the basic structure to test the installation of Noosfero debian packages, using a fresh Vagrant VM and packages built in ${NOOSFEROROOT}/pkg/.

To perform a test, do

$ cd /path/to/noosfero
$ rake noosfero:deb
$ cd util/debian-install/
$ vagrant up

To reset the environment in preparation for a new test, destroy the VM and remove any local *.deb files :

$ cd util/debian-install/
$ vagrant halt
$ vagrant destroy
$ rm -f *.deb

To test upgrades:

$ rm -f pkg/
$ cd utils/debian-install/
$ vagrant destroy
$ rm -f *.deb
$ REPOSITORY=jessie vagrant up              # install current stable version
$ cd ../../
$ make noosfero:deb                         # build current packages
$ REPOSITORY=jessie-next vagrant provision  # upgrade