16 Feb, 2016

4 commits

11 Feb, 2016

11 commits

05 Feb, 2016

4 commits

04 Feb, 2016

1 commit

  • Depending on timing trying to fill a tinyMCE control will fail with
    `tinymce.editors.article_body is undefined`
    (Selenium::WebDriver::Error::JavascriptError), probably because at the
    point we try to interact with the editor it is still being loaded by the
    browser. Because of that in case of failure we sleep for 1 second and
    try again at most 5 times.
    Antonio Terceiro

02 Feb, 2016

5 commits

01 Feb, 2016

3 commits

30 Jan, 2016

1 commit

  • Selenium tests were broken in clicking inside the content selection box.
    Some HTML structures, such as `<li>` tags nested to `<a>` tags, may not
    get along with Selenium and the browser interaction. But are perfectly
    fine for the final user.
    As we do not want to modify the current behaviour in order to pass
    tests, here we handle Selenium's error properly so tests can still pass
    without modifying current code.
    NOTICE: This only works with selenium-webdriver 2.50.0 and up.
    Rafael Manzo

29 Jan, 2016

2 commits

28 Jan, 2016

9 commits