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Building Packages

This path and scripts automates the build and update the packages for SPB project. It's can be done manually, but we don't recommend.


First, this will only works (at least was tested) on a RedHat based system (Fedora, CentOS, etc). Everything you need to know about packing for the system is available here

Dependency packages

# yum install @development-tools
# yum install fedora-packager
# yum install copr-cli
# yum install git

You need a account on Copr Fedora and the api token to authenticate when upload. Just follow the instruction on the API.

You need your GPG key in the machine. If you don't have one follow the instruction here


Make Release

Make Release are made to build colab-spb-plugin, colab-spb-theme e noosfero-spb. Bump the VERSION file on the root directory and runs into the src/ directory:

$ make release

Follow the instructions and done :). Don't forget to push the changes to the repository.

Build Packages

To build the others packages.

First: Build the tarball of the core project. Pay attention to how to build this, some projects needs requirements or pre-command before create the tarball.

In most of the cases you just needs to run into the project repository:

 $ git archive --format=tar.gz --prefix=<pkg-name>-<pkg-version>/ <tag or branch> > <pkg-name>-<pkg-version>.tar.gz
 $ make sdist

Second: Copy the tarball into the pkg-rpm//

Third: Runs into the src/pkg-rpm/:

 $ make <project>-build
 $ make <project>-upload

The first will build the package and the second will upload to the copr repository using copr-cli.

Note: the copr repository is defined into src/pkg-rpm/Makefile.

Important: Make sure that you have all the build dependencies installed. Just check the .spec file to verify which are.