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Created by Leandro Santos

error no gerenciar papéis

o error log mostra:

Started GET "/myprofile/adminuser/profile_roles" for at 2016-02-15 10:19:29 -0200 Processing by ProfileRolesController#index as HTML Parameters: {"profile"=>"adminuser"} Completed 500 Internal Server Error in 192.5ms

NoMethodError (undefined method custom_roles' for #<Person:0x00000008c25350>): app/controllers/my_profile/profile_roles_controller.rb:6:inindex'

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    Victor Costa @vfcosta (Edited )


    terceiro: meaning /myprofile/$foo/profile_roles should never be used when $foo is a person. how did you get there?

    terceiro: if there is a link to that location, that's a bug

    marc__: as adminuser, I went to control panel and clicked on manage roles

    marc_: I'm on .../myprofile/adminuser and when I click on manage profile it goes to ../myprofile/adminuser/profileroles and it gives an error page

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