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Created by Rodrigo Maia

(User profile) Change fields on profile editing

Show the following fields on the Edit Profile form (in this order, with these labels):

  • Picture (Foto)
  • Name* (Nome*)
  • Last name* (Sobrenome*)
  • Country* (País*)
  • State* (Estado*)
  • City (Cidade)
  • Institution (Instituição)
  • Emails (E-mails)

(Mandatory fields are marked with a star *)

Present Country as a dropdown. Show "Brazil" as default and as first valid option. Add a divider (-------------) after Brazil. Show Brazil a second time, following alphabetical order.

Present State as a dropdown. Show "Select a state" ("Selecione um estado") as default option.

Present City as an autocomplete field.

Add the following text below Email: "Use your government email address if you work for a public institution. Learn more." (“Use o seu email do governo se você trabalha em um órgão público. Saiba mais.”). Where “Learn more” is a link to a pop-up with content to be defined by SLTI.

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