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[icse2018] Adopt OSS 2017 introduction as part of context

I've heard that OSS2017 has been rejected, thus we should be fine taking
advantage of this piece of text.

Nevertheless we still need to complete it giving more details on how is
the public sector employee hierarchy and current methodology.
1 1 \section{Problem Context}
2 2 \label{sec:problem_context}
3   -The public sector employees are chosen by a contest process that values most their knowledge of specific development processes and management techniques. Thus this generates a strong culture around documents, formal meetings and processes, long term planning and closed contracts among other practices that go against agile values.
  3 +
  4 +During the last few decades, the Brazilian Federal Government has
  5 +improved its software adoption and development processes. In 2003, the
  6 +recommendation to adopt Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) become a public
  7 +policy. In 2007, the Brazilian Government released a portal called
  8 +Brazilian Public Software (\textit{Software Público Brasileiro} -- SPB,
  9 +in Portuguese), with the goal of sharing FOSS projects developed by, or
  10 +for, the Brazilian Government.
  11 +
  12 +The Brazilian legal instrument on software contracting
  13 +(\textit{Instrução Normativa} 04/2012) mandates that public management
  14 +must consult the SPB Portal to adopt a software solution. The
  15 +acquisition of a proprietary solution must be explicitly justified by
  16 +demonstrating that there is no suitable option in the SPB Portal.
  17 +
  18 +Since 2009, however, the SPB Portal was having several technical issues.
  19 +The original codebase was not being developed anymore, and there as a
  20 +large amount of technical debt to overcome. The system was a modified
  21 +version of an existing FOSS platform that was not being developed
  22 +anymore, and the portal maintenance was becoming harder and harder.
  23 +
  24 +From January 2014 to June 2016, a new platform for the SPB Portal was
  25 +designed and developed by the University of Brasília (UnB) and the
  26 +University of São Paulo (USP) in a partnership with the Brazilian
  27 +Ministry of Budget, Planning, and Management. This new Portal was
  28 +designed as an integrated platform for collaborative software
  29 +development. It includes functionality for social networking, mailing
  30 +lists, version control system, and source code quality monitoring. In
  31 +this paper, we present an overview of this new generation of the SPB
  32 +Portal.
  33 +
  34 +The project was developed by a team of 3 professors, 6 professionals, 2
  35 +masters students, and approximately 40 undergrad students (not all of
  36 +them at the same time, though -- graduations and other events triggered
  37 +changes in the team).
  38 +
  39 +\begin{figure}[hbt]
  40 + \centering
  41 + \includegraphics[width=.9\linewidth]{figures/home-SPB.png}
  42 + \caption{The new SPB Portal.}
  43 + \label{fig:spb}
  44 +\end{figure}
  45 +
  46 +Figure \ref{fig:spb} shows the home page of this integrated platform.
  47 +The development tried to be as faithful as possible to FOSS development.
  48 +All development was done in the open, and the changes we needed in the
  49 +tools user were contributed back to their communities.
  50 +
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