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Colab-Spb - A Gitlab-Noosfero Connector for the SPB

What is Colab?

Application that integrates existing systems to represent the contributions of the members through:

* Discussions at the mailman list.

* And other systems in the community.


* Developed by Interlegis Communities

* Written in Python

* Built with Django Web Framework

* Search engine with Solr


After installing the colab

.. code-block::

pip install colab-spb

Create a colab plugin configuration fila with at least the following:

.. code-block::

vim /etc/colab/plugins.d/


Running Colab

To run Colab with development server you will have to:

1- Create the example configuration file:

.. code-block::

colab-init-config > /etc/colab/

2- Edit the configuration file. Make sure you set everything you need including **database** credentials.

3- Run the development server:

.. code-block::

colab-admin runserver

**NOTE**: In case you want to keep the configuration file else where just set the
desired location in environment variable **COLAB_SETTINGS**.