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... ... @@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ By preparing the evolution project described in this paper, the Brazilian
11 11 government promote 3 events to collect the requirements, in particular from
12 12 society point of view: (i) an online form to collect general ideas; (ii) a
13 13 face-to-face meeting with society in general; (iii) a workshop to review the
14   -SPB concepts and requirements with IT stockholders from the Brazilian
  14 +SPB concepts and requirements with IT stakeholders from the Brazilian
15 15 government and public organizations.
16 16  
17 17 After these 3 rounds discussing the new SPB platform, the Brazilian government listed
... ... @@ -91,7 +91,7 @@ Also, there are two initiatives in Europe: OSOR and OW2. The Open Source
91 91 Observatory (OSOR) is a community hosted in the JoinUp platform powereded by
92 92 the European Commission. OSOR aims exchanging information, experiences and best
93 93 practices around FOSS solutions for use in public administrations. Summarily,
94   -it helps to find an FOSS made available by other public administrations,
  94 +it helps to find a FOSS made available by other public administrations,
95 95 providing access to information such as news, events, studies and solutions
96 96 related to implementation of open source software. It also offers forum
97 97 discussions and community mailing lists, but it does not have an integrated
... ... @@ -107,7 +107,7 @@ related development and management tools.
107 107 Moreover, from the European Commission in 2007 until 20011, there were the
108 108 QualiPSo project that aims to provide to FOSS users, developers, and consumers,
109 109 quality resources and expertise on the various topics related to FOSS. The
110   -QualiPSo project also have plained to develop a platform called QualiPSo
  110 +QualiPSo project also had planned to develop a platform called QualiPSo
111 111 Factory but it was not fully completed.
112 112  
113 113 In Latin American has an initiative based on the SPB project called Software
... ...